Halloween (tag)

The weather is awfully fall-ish, which makes me want to watch horror movies and drink tea. So here’s a Halloween tag for the sake of the mood!


  1. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?

I don’t know if it counts, but I’m haunted by The Unquiet Grave (no spoiler in the link) in the show Penny Dreadful. Pale Flesh is not a “Horror or Halloween themed song” but it coud so easily be!

  1. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building.

Hmm… Either a weird behaving person (someon who crawls or tilts his head a bit too much) or something non human and non animal !

3. Have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

Nope ! And I don’t want to mess with this things at all, even if I’m very curious. So maybe with a “pro” who knows how to handle this in a right way.

4. Favourite horror monster or villain?

I’m only at the beginning of my journey with the horror genre, but so far I will say…. Hannibal Lecter !

5. The creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?

It’s not much, but I was so scared! I lived in a two story house and my room was upstairs when it happened. I was on the verge of sleeping when the TV speakers (the big ones) down in the living room decided to do this very loud sound  for no reason ( the same one as when your TV has the white snow on it, the “screechy” sound…) even when the TV was off.

6. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it?

Alone no, but if I can chose one person to go with me, I may !

7. Are you superstitious?

I am yeah !

8. Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision?

Not all the time, but it has already happened at night or when I was distracted.

9. Which urban legend scares you the most?

I don’t know quite exactly what it is, but when I was in a school trip, someone told me a story about a legless woman who walks stabbing the floor with knives and comes to kill children.

10. Do you prefer gore or thrillers?

Thrillers, but I don’t mind gore.

11. Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?

I don’t think so.

12. Ever made a potion of any sort?

I may have ! Who knows 😉

13. Do you get scared easily?

Sooooooo easily ! Like for real, I’m so quickly scared of things.

14. Have you ever played Bloody Mary?

No ! And I won’t even try!

15. Do you believe in demons/the devil?

Yes and no. I don’t believe in God, so it’ll be hypocritical to believe in the devil. But I believe in bad and good things, and I’m pretty sure that there are bad things in nature, like bad entities. (I know, it’s soooooo clear ! )

16. You’re home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?

I grab a knife, my baseball bat or scissors and wait in a room downstairs (if I can, upstairs if I have to).

17. If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose?

Any Hannibal Lecter movie or serie, because at least I will maybe have some good conversations and even dead, my body will not be wasted I guess!

18. If you could only wear one halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would you be?

A witch costume I guess.

19. Would you ever go to a graveyard at night?

I wouldn’t mind.

20. In a zombie apocalypse what is your weapon of choice?

A massive knife or a sword… It’ll be messy, but I love sharp things.

21. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?

It depends on what you call a party… If it’s a nice party with not so many people and good music, I’m down for it !

22. You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the skeptic, the smart one, or the killer?

Weird, but I woud love to be the killer haha ! Why should I be scared if I’m the scarry one ? For real I guess I won’t be the first to die, and would hope to be the final girl because I work well under pressure.

23. Do you have to watch something happy after watching a horror movie so you can go to sleep?

Obviously !

24. Whilst watching scary movies, are you the person who yells at the characters, the person with their eyes covered the whole time, or the person who falls asleep?

Oh my god :’)
I’m the person who yells, who sings to distract herself, who jumps on the person next to her and who eventually doesn’t move an inch ! It all depends on the movie.

25. Are you the one who gets scared, or the one who does the scaring?

Again it depends with who I’m with, but most of the time I’m the one who gets scared.

26. Favorite scary book?

Sadly I haven’t read any, but it’s on my list !

27. How old were you when you saw your first horror movie?

Maybe about 13 ? I don’t remember what it was, but I used to watch scary videos before really watching scary movies.

28. What was your first Halloween costume?

A witch ! And except for one time, it has always been a witch !

29. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?

I may not be at home for Halloween, so I have really no clue… Maybe something which doesn’t involve a lot of things to carry with.

30. If you could have a spooky halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick?

Only one? I love bats, rats and wolf… Dear it’s hard.. I’ll take them all and be a powerful witch.

That’s it ffor today !
Love X


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