Why do I blog?

Earlier today I read the article of Sarah, and decided why not explaining why I decided to blog !

How it all started?

I started this blog in February of this year (2017) after the recommendation of a dear friend. Since I met him, he always had my back and was supportive towards my creative side. So after having sent him some texts I have written, he told me that it would be nice for me to start blogging. I’m a really outgoing and chatty person, so this idea sounded fair to me. After several days of reflexion, I finally decides to give it a try.


Why do I blog now?

I blog for several reasons ! The first is to get things out of my chest and make this work like a kind of therapy. It’s really interesting to see how it impacts your brain! Then I try to share things with people. It can be advices, songs, movies, books, pictures, travel stories, etc… Sharing is caring. If some of my articles can help even just one person, it would mean the world to me. I also like to react to current issues and try to give my point of view in the hope of someone giving me his//hers in return! This blog is very personal and I don’t even mind a bit answering to questions or chatting with you guys, as long as politeness and respect are involved.


Bonus : Why do I blog in English ?

Because I love this language ! I know that my English is not perfect (and it won’t be before I’ll have travelled enough) but I want to show that even if you want to write in a language that is not your native language, go for it ! You may meet people who will help you progress ! Trust your abilities.


My hopes for the future?

I would love this blog to become a platform of exchange and happiness. I don’t have a number of subscriber in mind because I’d rather have a few active subscriber than a big sleepy amount if you know what I mean by that? I want to share stories, ideas, and issues with you. I still have some articles in mind related to books, music, movies and some other themes so stay tuned !


For the people who already have subscribed to this blog, thank you so much ! And for all those who will come in the future, Welcome and have fun!


PS : If you love reading, check Sarah’s blog ! It’s sooo nice and she’s really sweet !


2 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I’m so glad you did this; it’s cool to see another person’s point of view about blogging and their inspiration. I can’t believe English isn’t your first language…that’s crazy! I currently take spanish in school, but it’s definitely a struggle to write paragraphs still, (eek!) haha.

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    1. In France you have to take 1 or 2 languages in class and in highschool you can pick a 3rd one, so you can master the one you like best ! I study English at University so I have to have a pretty decent level of English to understand 😛
      Good luck with your spanish ! I guess it’s harder when you don’t speak a “latin” language in the first place !

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