MoM : Nightwish

I don’t remember exactly when I started listening to this band, but it’s been at least almost 10 years. I was a huge fan when I was younger and I was never bothered by the changes with the lead singers. First Tarja, then Anette and now Floor. I used to love most of their songs and never really cared listening to them live. Now that I’m a grown up (kind of) and that I went back through most of their performances, I have to admit that I have such a big crush on Floor. She has an incredible stage presence, a powerful voice and I feel like she’s making every single song her own and this is what I love with her performances. Also, her voice is matching so nicely with Marco’s. If you’ve never listened to Nightwish, I guess you’re a bit lost, aren’t you ? Let me explain you a bit more what’s Nightwish! Storytime about a Finnish band :

In 1996 Tuomas Holopainen had an idea of a solo project that would play atmospheric “mood music.” The idea quickly crystallises: the sound would include acoustic guitars, flutes, strings, piano – and female vocals. Guitarist Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen soon join the project. Holopainen’s embryonic idea takes form in just a few months, and the first Nightwish demo is completed in early 1997 and later on Jukka Nevalainen joins as the drummer and it’s only in 2001 that bass player and vocalist Marco Hietala joined the band. (If you want to read more : Click here ! )

I won’t tell you the whole story of Nightwish because their Official page is doing the job better than I will ever do (that’s where I have my info btw), but last details :

2005 : Immediately after the final concert, Tarja Turunen is presented with an open letter signed by the musicians in the band. Their message is clear: Holopainen, Nevalainen, Vuorinen, and Hietala have decided to continue Nightwish without Turunen. In 2007, the band received over two thousand demos from hopeful vocalists. The task seemed endless, but slowly but surely the number of candidates decreased. After considering long and hard, the band choosed Anette Olzon from Sweden as their new front woman. Anette was the lead singer until 2012. After the concert in Salt Lake City on September 29, Olzon and the band part ways. The band immediately contacted their old friend Floor Jansen, who had proven her vocal skills in the Dutch band After Forever and she is since them their lead vocalist.

Now I think it would be nice to tell you my favourite songs, don’t you think?

I have several though… So here’s a small playlist with the different lead vocalists:

While your lips are still red

The Islander

Bye, Bye Beautiful

Ever Dream (Floor’s version)

Over the Hills and Far Away

I Want My Tears Back (Floor’s version)

And my favourite live ever, with the amazing Floor Jansen, the one in Wacken. I’ve replayed this one so much! I really love singing and she’s clearly my vocal goal !

Take some times to go through all of their songs, some of them are really “slow” (While your lips, the Islander) some are more heavy, some are sooo good in live…. Try to find the one you like!

Nähdään pian ! (Finnish for see you soon)



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