Hey ! I know it’s been a while and I have to say that the topic I’m about to start was in no way my priority, but damn it bugged me all day long (actually it has been months). So for now I’m in my second year of university and I thought it was what I was craving for. Freedom, liberty, social life and all those stuff ! But I have to say that regarding scholar things, it’s way more disappointing that I thought it would be… Let me explain !

Disclaimer : This is my experience and you may not have the same, it’s totally fine and I’m only judging what I know!

I’m going to start with the good things because let’s face it, it’s more interesting but way shorter!

I started university in 2015 (I guess? ) after having pursued my whole education in the same city with mostly the same persons. It was such a big deal ! Brand new city (way bigger than before), living alone, meeting new people, etc… But I have to say that I have never felt so alive ! Cliché huh ? I met some incredible people who are now my closest friends, I’ve spent so many nights talking about everything and anything while enjoying beers or tea, I had the opportunity to be more independent and this is all priceless! But let’s be honest, the real purpose of university is firstly to study, isn’t it?

Now this is where things took a sharp turn. I love learning new things ! I really do. And I was so excited about the classes I took! American civilization, British civilization, phonetics, US and UK literature… But I quickly learned that being in university was not that easy. It’s not about aiming the highest grade, but getting the average and being ecstatic about it. And this makes me sad. You can work your ass off (I have to be honest here and say that although I love learning, I won’t kill myself on learning something I won’t find useful in life) and still not be good enough. I don’t get the part where things fucked up in their system but OH MY GOD. I know people who are working like crazy and still are just above average. WHY are we putting grades before knowledge? Please tell me why? If only it was just in university, it would be “acceptable” but it starts so early on !

Yes, I’m burning right now. Yes, I’m super mad. No, a cup of tea won’t be enough.

Why are children cheating during tests? Why are so many student depressed? Why are young people anxious about going to school (except because teenagers act like dicks with each others) ? Because of the fucking grades ! (I don’t know in other countries, but in France grades goes from the lowest (0) to the highest (20), 10 being obviously the average. The more you know. )

I do know that swearing doesn’t solve any problems, but I feel like I have the right to do whatever I want on my blog, and I really don’t force you to stay if you can’t bear the atrocity of some words.

During my schooling I had some amazing teachers and some really bad (trust me, you feel the difference!), but overall when I had the feedbacks on my papers, the same things happened. First my grade was told, and then the bad things on my paper where highlighted (Yeah I know it’s all about telling your mistakes in order for you to improve but for me it’s not the good mind-set). Obviously the good where also told, but only after the bad. Which made me focus on what I didn’t do instead of what I did do. And I feel that this is so discouraging… Let’s have Bob. Bob is an average student who participates in his classes and does his homeworks with care. Bob knows his subjects but Bob is shit under pressure. Results? Bob failed his test. He will be punished at home because he received a bad grade and will be upset. No one will notice that he had the knowledge needed for this test ! I don’t know if I made my point clear ? But there is such a huge pressure on students to have “good grades” that they don’t study for knowledge anymore. That’s why they don’t hesitate to cheat or to learn entire things by heart to ace their tests and then forget everything. This is not ok. This is far from what school was created for. I don’t know if this will ever change, but it’s heart-breaking to experience that. I want to be able to learn at my pace, and be encourage to know more about everything. But I guess that’s the society we live in.

I clearly haven’t mentioned all I wanted to say, but I could go on and on and on for hours on this topic. Leave me comments if you want to discuss on some things or if you want to give your point of view or educate me ! I really had to get this out of my chest before going to sleep. I know that there may be some HUUUUGE grammar mistakes but hey, it’s late and it was a one shot article!

I hope I made you think about this topic a bit more, even though I guess a lot of people are aware of it. Anyway, see you soon ! (Funny enough, I will start my exam next week sooooo I will be busy trying to be average ! XO)


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  1. Ugh that’s awful. It was actually pretty interesting reading this, because even though I’m definitely not in collage yet, I’m only a few years away, and know absolutely nothing lol. Well, good luck! I have a feeling I’m going to be writing a post somewhat like this someday… 😂🙁

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