MoM : Playlists

It’s such a lack of creation not to write a paragraphe on each, but hey ! At least you’ll discover some amazing new channels !

AlexRainBird and Koala Control:

On Alex‘ channel you will find several pre-made playlists for each months and seasons, plus some individual songs. Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilations or Indie/Pop/Folk Compilations are made with excellent taste. Also there are some themed playlists for Christmas, Halloween, rainy days.  This channel is perfect as a background music when you are chilling with your friends, cooking or just drinking tea!

Here, you’ll also find some pre-made indie playlists and individual songs. Various artists are collaborating on this channel. I love to listen to these playlists when I’m stuDYING or having a bath, especially this one.

Adrian von Ziegler and Peter Gundry

Adrian‘s channel was the first I discovered. I love celtic music and I’m such a fan of medieval atmosphere so yeah, I spent several hours (not to say days) listening to his music. They are so great and soothing ! Viking, Celtic, Fantasy playlists, if you’re like me and you enjoy some good ol’ dragon fighting, you’ll love them !

Peter‘s channel is in the same mood. You’ll find witch fantasy music, celtic fantasy music but also darker music. These playlists are more magical than anything else. If you want to close your eyes and project yourself in a whole new world full of elves, fairies, witches and other magical creatures, go for it!

If you have any recommendations, leave me a comment !


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