In October last year we (a dear friend and I) decided to book plane tickets and fly to London without thinking thrice! (We do have thought about it twice…) Three words : It was amazing.

Let’s do a quick recap of this marvellous trip!

The first thing I will talk about, the dearest to my heart, is music. While wandering in the city, we met several street musicians, and to be honest, my heart (and ears) melted here and there a little bit. It’s such a pleasure to stop for a few minutes (or hours) and savour a good live performance. I sadly only remembered three names, but hey, it’s better than nothing ! As we were walking near Chinatown, we have been strucked by a beautiful sound, a guitar, but not played in the usual way. Like being enchanted by mermaids (Really nice looking mermaid though), we followed the sound that led us to Jack Dawson (As in Titanic yeah…). Our minds were blown up by his talent. I never saw someone playing guitar this way and it was amazingly soothing. Since then, he’s one of my favourite musician. Later on during our week of travelling, we went to Trafalgar Square and came across Marc Sugier and one of his friend Sasha Broad-Kolff who were singing “Heart’s on fire”. We experienced this live with an amazing sunset and it was magical. Be sure to check their music, if you love Ed Sheeran and Passenger, you’ll love them!

The second thing I want to mention is the mix between the Halloween(-ish) and Christmassy atmosphere that ruled London at that time of the year. We could see pumpkins and Christmas decorations at the same time, and for a pure Halloween fan, I was split between joy and sadness. But some humorous touches made me forget my bitterness.

I wish I could talk about how tasty the food was, but sadly our budget was really tight and we couldn’t afford much of what we can call “decent food” so I’ll add something about this subject when I’ll go there again! But still we weren’t broke to the point of not being able to try at least one real British dish ! So we tried a fancy Fish and Chips and it was more tasty than I expected. On our second day we had (sorry, disappointment  ahead) an american breakfast in a cosy little place. And finally I tasted the BEST MILKSHAKE EVER ! Whiskey/Butterscotch milkshake, the closest I will get to heaven I guess!

Wholly different subject now… Animals! As animal lovers, we had to stop as soon as we encountered one, and you can trust me, I have more than 50 pictures of squirrels on my camera. You’ll meet these little beasts everywhere and they’re not a bit afraid of you ! Another pretty great thing was the bird feeding in Victoria Park (I’m not really sure of the place though). I could have stayed there like a fascinated child for hours!

Harry Potter lovers, your time will come! I promise I’ll write an article only about the magical things we experienced. I have way too much to say.

I’ll end this review with a bit of culture. We visited several museums of different kind and how great was the surprise when we discovered that most of them were free! I genuinely think that a free access to culture is the best thing that could happen. I love museums and I will definitely go back to London to visit more of them. My favourite was the Hunterian Museum. We definitely spent more time in this one than in any other. I thoroughly love weird things and science, and there you can find both, so needless to say, I was pleased!

I will stop here with my review or I will be going on and on forever, but if you have questions, feel free to ask !

See you for more experiences !



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