Harry Potter in the muggle world.

Dear wizard and witches, this one is for you! I cannot say that I travelled very much, but we can agree that I went to the right places for the Harry Potter fandom. In this article I will talk about all the places I visited in relation to the magical world of the Potterheads.


During summer 2016 I went to Florida and visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Wahou. Seriously, the amount of effort that has been made to recreate the universe is pretty impressive. I’m not a big fan of heat and sunny weather but still, everything was worth dying in the sun for hours! I cannot go into details for everything but I’ll try to cover up a maximum and clearly I don’t know where to start!

Diagon Alley is a colourful and joyful area of the park. Here you can buy all you need to be a true wizard! But don’t forget to visit Knockturn Alley which is a little bit hidden. For a slytherin like me, it’s a delight ! Go and chose your wand in Ollivander’s shop, and even if you don’t want to buy one, look at everything around you. At the end of the street, you can see the Gringotts Bank with its big Dragon breathing fire every 30minutes (I guess). If you have a wand (a special wand) you can use it with appropriate spells in the park to interact with the setting. I swear that it’s like being in a dream! You can visit most of the shops there and even if you don’t buy anything, your eyes will be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that fills the places.

To go to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, you have to take the train ! And it’s not a boring ride, hell no! While you’re kindly sitting in your cabin, you’ll see through the window loads of different landscapes related to the movies, and if you look in the direction of the hallway, you’ll hear and see some nice details too. It’s a full immersion, things are happening all around you and beware of the dementor! (Don’t forget to bring chocolate with you!)

The streets of Hogsmeade were like in the movies, even the fake snow on the rooftops looked real! It was so nice to look at,  and the atmosphere was amazing. You can visit the shops or just wander around with your eyes open big. And then… At the turning of the street, Hogwarts castle! I have no words to describe the details, its realism and its inside. When you go in, you can visit places like the Defence against the Dark Arts classroom, Dumbledore’s office or the Portrait Gallery before enjoying the 4D ride. Everything is faithful to the movies and that’s awesome! The rides are great even if you have to queue for a while. What I really enjoyed is that even while you’re queuing, you’re not bored ! There is always something to look at!

 The 4 dimensional rides are more than realistic and if you have motion sickness, take a medicine before going or you may be sick afterward. Always dreamt to ride a broom? Here you’ll be in a quidditch game!

Oh and the iced butterbeer was absolutely divine!


Next stop, London! As I said in my previous article, I wasn’t alone there, but with a massive Harry Potter fan. Nothing’s better than a true friendship between a Gryffindor and a Slytherin (We go on very well, thank you for caring!). While arguing about which house is better, we went to several places related to Harry Potter. First we went to an exposition in Soho, the House of MinaLima, in which were exposed graphic arts of the Harry Potter Films. It’s a really cute and small house filled with paintings, drawings and book covers from the floor to the ceiling! I don’t know if it’s still open now, but if it is, it’s worth visiting (and it’s free so……). Just take into accounts that there are 3 floors and that the stairs are not really wide. But I let you check their website before going anyway!

Then we obviously went to Kings Cross Station where you can find a very organized queue to take a picture with your luggage through the wall before or after visiting the shop situated behind.

Now, I keep the best for the last…. Warner Bros. Studio Tour ! I won’t describe everything because I will surely spend way too much time, sorry! But it’s fantastic ! I will even say that it IS magical! You feel so many emotions during the tour, it’s marvellous… I have one big advise for you, if you go there, book a visit as early as possible and take as long as you want and need to visit, but pay attention to every little detail! You’ll see all items related to the movies and can even try magic, go in the flying car, ride a broom, cast spells to make your broom move, wait for your Hogwarts Letter and EAT! Please don’t forget the gift shop, you’ll spend a good ammount of time there too!

It’s time for me to end this journey and go to bed !

May the force be with you ! (Hmmm wrong fandom..)


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