MoM : Alec Benjamin

My new obsession!  I stumbled across his music thanks to this amazing playlist!

The first song I heard of him was Paper Crown and I slowly fall in love with his rythm and his words. An innocent voice and a true meaning behind his lyrics are what will bring him the fame he truly deserves. I really enjoy the videos where he is talking about how he wrote his songs, because you can feel how passionate he is, and trust me, that’s gold!

My favourites songs are :

Paper Crown and The Water Fountain, but all the other are worth a check, though!

You can hear that he is a good artist when, even while performing live, his voice remain the same. And his personality is so cute! He takes time to answer to comments (Yup he answered me, lucky right? ) and deeply loves his audience.

Here are his YouTube and Facebook  pages.

Be sure to check his Instagram too, he’s live broadcasting quite often.



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