Welcome on my website !

Here you will find a multitude of things ! Things I wrote, pictures I took, music I enjoy…

In the hope you’ll have a pleasant journey and that you’ll leave this place with a different mindset, with something more to think about!


About me.

Hi again,

I’m Morgane. A 20 year old girl living in France. I guess that you can summarize who I am by a few words like, tea, books, music and candles!

You want to know more? Ok !

I was born on June 16th 1997 (Yup I’m a Gemini). I have a  bubbly personality and can’t shup up for more than 15 minutes! I don’t mind talking about everything and anything with everybody.( not really the quiet type haha)

I love reading, singing, taking picture, and spending time with my rabbit, Milo, and my friends. Nothing special here!

Some can find this annoying, but that’s what I do best : I love sharing things with people. Like giving them new songs to listen to, new subjects to think about, new places to hang around…

Here, I’m going to treat you as a friend, and share some of my not-so-secret secrets with you! Ready ? Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and let’s go !


Ceci est une page de coordonnées comportant quelques informations de base et un formulaire de contact.